Durable and High-Performing Seals

Manufacturing Plants - Elastomers

Taiwanese Facility Information


Factory Size

Compression Molding
37 machines
(24" piston)

5 machines +
CNC wire cutters

Ultrasonic and Dry-Blast Cleaning
1 Machine

Material Analysis
FTIR, X-Ray Mooney Rheometer, Tensile/Elongation,
Sh-A/Sh-B/IRDH, TR10/Brittleness, Compression Set Fluids Immersions

On-Site Rubber Mixing Performing Operation
55L Kneader,
4 Open Mixers

PTFE-Coated Equipment
8 Machines

Automatic Vision System
Micro-Vu Quick Match System, 2D/2.SD
Projector, Optical Sorting Machines, Physical Sorting Machines

De-flashing Machines
Cryogenic Trimming, Knife
Trimming, Mechanical De-Flashing

Post-Curing Oven
11 Machines + 4 Rotary
Includes monitoring
and alarm function

Plastic Injection Molding
Lapping machines, bench drilling, bench
type milling, Wire Electrical Discharge,
Drying, Mold Temp. Controller, 10 Robotic
Arms, 10 Conveyors

A bunch of rubber bands are piled together

Surface Treatment on Rubber Parts

Surface Treatment

A blue and white logo on top of a green background.

80% Industrial Parts

A bunch of black rubber bands are in the same color

Silicone Oil

Surface Treatment

A green background with eight metal rings.

Mos2 Coating

A black and gray ring are sitting on top of a table.


A group of blue rubber rings on top of a yellow table.

PTFE Coating